About Me


A Vivacious designer and an artist at Heart. I love to play with Colors, shapes, prints, motifs and Embellish. If a question is asked to me “Choose a color that represents your personality ?” than that color would be White because it represents subtle calmness and peace, illumination,beginnings & softness,Developed by VIBGYOR whence depicting flexibility to work across multiple domains whether it be Graphic designing, Textile Designing, Interior Decoration or Design and Brand Consulting same as the way a Plain White Canvas is to be painted anyway! There is a saying "Art is the way of representing Emotions" and I do depict every emotion of mine that way!I am open to talk to you, to listen to some new & exciting ideas and I would Love to help or associate in any kind of design & creative projects.

My this Journey with different industries & Professions or being a generalist was a roller coaster ride full of learnings,Full of challenges & Success and failures! Experiences worth to Preserve, new thing everyday.


Alumni of St. Anslems

I haven’t graduated from any Precious Design College, Just Did my Bachelors in Commerce & driven from my passion & Dedication for Design and Creativity!